Trello Cost vs Asana Cost – Which One is Worth the Price? 

When it comes to project management software there is a battle for the best title. Two names that are always amongst the contenders are Trello and Asana. They are both user-friendly interfaces that provide the efficiency teams need to complete their projects. However, most articles only compare their features and do not discuss the expense of using either platform. Both Asana and Trello have free versions but the features included in them are vastly different. We discuss Trello cost vs Asana cost to help businesses make a financially smart decision.  

The Difference Between Trello and Asana 

For those who are new to the prospect of project management software, it is important to learn the differences between the two products being discussed. Trello is a Kanban board which has many add-on features that make it useful. Asana also has many free features but it provides more capabilities to the user once they upgrade to the paid version. 


Trello is a software designed for those who want to use Kanban boards to plan their projects. All its features are related to the boards including media organization. Companies can use the software to organize their publishing calendars, or focus on the workflow by creating a linear sequence of tasks. Because of the difference between Trello cost vs Asana cost, Trello attracts freelancers and individuals that want to track daily tasks. 

The Trello Kanban boards are easy to use and it does not take long for a beginner to get trained on them. They are mostly used to organize work and the added attraction is that it is free which is ideal for small home-based businesses and one-man operations.  


Asana software is designed for businesses and it offers a free version which draws people who are juggling multiple tasks or projects. It provides more sophisticated features such as task dependency, Gantt charts, and customized templates. However, most of them are reserved for paid users who are on the business plan or higher. A freelancer taking care of small tasks or teams that employ contractors can benefit from Asana. It is one of the best project management software options available in the market. 

Value for Money 

When it comes to Trello cost vs Asana cost, there are some common features included in both free versions. It is important to discuss them in detail to demonstrate the value for money offered by both products. The short version is that Asana offers more to the paid customers than Trello. However, since value is subjective especially when it comes to free version, more needs to be said. 

Asana software is much more expensive than Trello in terms of the total cost of ownership. However, it has more features packed into the paid version than Trello. Although both platforms follow the per user per month pricing model, Asana gives its users more freedom to customize and has the flexibility to deal with many challenges. Users are supposed to pay with a credit card or PayPal. 

Customers can choose between the monthly or annual billing options, however going with the monthly payment plan is a very bad decision because it costs a lot more in the long run. The structure of pricing plans is different for Trello and Asana with the exception of the enterprise plan. However, the enterprise version is custom-made and interested buyers can get a custom quote through the company. 

It is important that the users know exactly what their expectations are of project management software before they buy it, which is why we recommend trying the free version first. Asana also offers a 30-day free trial where users can access all the paid features and it gives them enough time to make up their mind about the product. 

Trello Cost vs Asana Cost 

When it comes to the premium pricing plan, Trello has a much better offer than Asana because it has a lower cost of ownership. However, on closer look Asana might be worth the extra money because there is an entire list of features included in it. Trello software offers a few calendars in addition to the Kanban board but Asana has more viewing options, templates, and functionality.  

However, when it comes to the business plan, Asana costs $25 less per month with the annual billing option. Trello does not offer an equivalent pricing plan because they follow an all-or-nothing philosophy. At first glance, it is easy to choose the option that costs $10 over the $25 one. However, what makes Asana’s business version more attractive are the unique features. 

Asana provides users the option to manage their portfolios which means they can keep track of multiple projects. There is a heavier workload through which users can track what everyone on the team is doing. There are also advanced software integration options such as Salesforce, Adobe and other high-end platforms.  

Trello software on the other hand only offers integration with Slack and for extra functionality users have to sign up for an additional service which costs money. Instead of paying $25 more to synchronize the program, it is better to pay for project management software that already includes the desired features. 


When it comes to Trello cost vs Asana cost, the bottom line is that Trello is undoubtedly the best Kanban-based software. It has a better Kanban board than Asana, but those who need more than that should consider Asana. It offers a lot more functionality and gives users the freedom to customize according to their preferences. They can also integrate it with more than 200 different applications which means there is no longer a need to switch between windows or having to sacrifice the convenience of familiar software.  

So the final decision depends on the company and for what purpose they will be using the software. It is important to choose an interface and make the most out of it. If you are looking for better software then we recommend taking the free trial.  

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