Top 9 Emerging Technologies In Digital Marketing

During covid, digital marketing has been revolutionized rapidly in terms of technology. Apps like zoom and google team emerged in the . In 2022, the effect of COVID is subsiding. Many businesses now want to use current trends of digital marketing in their product campaigns. Here in this blog, you will read about the top 7 technologies that can-shaped the future of digital marketing.

The Emergence Of The Internet Of Behavior

In 2022, the most recent and trending technology is the Internet Of Behavior or IOB. In IoT, many computer devices connect with software through the internet. IOB works along with IOT to tell the data and behavior of customers while buying any product.

Most companies are using IOB in their digital marketing strategies to know about the different psychology of audiences while buying any product. IOB provides great help to target the right customer audience.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also one of the emerging technologies that marketing agencies are using to increase their brand visibility. Artificial intelligence can help companies to process large data in less time frame.

Different AI tools are used to tell about customer experience in buying their products. Different AI tools also show the success of any digital marketing campaign. In AI marketing machines are taking the place of humans.

Live Videos On Social Media Platforms

In covid, many people started to use different social media platforms. While in lockdown many celebrities and social media influencers interacted with their fan through live video streaming. From 2020 different brands are also using live streaming videos to tell people about their recent product launches. This feature enables brands and companies to engage with their user live, and answer their queries.

Brands also initiate question/answer sessions to get to know about their product feedback.


A chatbot is a cool application of Artificial intelligence. In chatbots, consumers get an automated message when they open any website page. It helps the user to interact quickly with the brand and tell about their problem or ask about any inquiry.

Chatbot has made the work easy for sales and customer supports people. Now they can work on the main problems that can be solved without the support of human interaction.

Voice Search 

Most of you have used the feature of Hi Alexa. In this feature, people use their voice to ask any question from google. The Voice search feature is used by people from every walk of life, and on every page. Now, digital marketing strategies are also based on the voice search of customers. Many companies and brands are optimizing their brand marketing campaign around the voice search of customers.

Data Analytics Software

Right data collection is the absolute necessity for any successful digital marketing campaign. Different data analytics software is used to collect and analyze data of customers. But marketing companies need to utilize data correctly. Data analytics help in the personalization of a customer search history. It also helps the brand to increase its brand awareness and visibility by selecting the right consumer base.

Google Ads And Automated Bidding

People search Google for every query. So, google provides a feature of google ads. Different businesses are using this feature to bid on a particular keyword and Google will show their ad on top. Google also helps the marketing team by checking all the data and personalizing it according to the search history of the consumers.


Recently Facebook owner Mark ZUCKERBERG also has changed its brand name from Facebook to Metaverse. Now, what is metaverse, and why it is a popular and trending concept in 2022 in digital marketing? Metaverse is a 3d world of virtual and augmented reality. Different brands are launching their products on metaverse.

SEO market

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is not a new concept in digital marketing but now Google is launching more features to enhance the SEO markets. Google is launching a Page Experience Algorithm and Mobile-first Indexing. Different brands use SEO trends to generate organic traffic to their website.

Tips To Follow While Deciding On Technologies To Implement During The Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Always know about your niche AUDIENCE. It will help you in targeting the right customers for the right kind of products.
  • Always know about competitors’ products. As it will give insight about customer behavior toward different selling the same kind of product.
  • Always update your business on a Wikipedia page. If your business doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Create a Wikipedia page. As it is one of the most effective ways to get an audience. To know how to create a Wikipedia page you can watch different videos on YouTube also.
  • Hire a good marketing strategy team for your business. A good marketing team can help you in increasing annual revenue and customer base. If you are short on budget you can choose email marketing to target your customer. It is one of the effective yet cheap strategies.


These are some of the technologies features that can be used by different digital marketers to get success. What do you think is best?

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