Top 3 Marketing Trends to know in 2022

Marketing trends change with the speed of light! Marketers have started embracing the online presence and finally understood the powerful impact it lasts. They have adapted the changes and the hybrid landscapes during the covid-19 pandemic. Some businesses saw drops in virtual engagement and online traffic they’d relied on. 

Marketing constantly changes, despite all the alterations, one thing remains ― being tricky. The principles remain the same, but the execution shifts given the rise of new platforms, algorithms, policy alterations, and constantly evolving consumer behaviour.

To help marketers build cutting-edge and competitive marketing strategies in 2022, we have listed the top 3 trends you need to look out for to maintain your strong game in the online market: 

1. AI Automation trends

70% of the marketing professionals use AI automation, and the rest 30% plan to implement automation in 2022. Email marketing, Bulk SMS service provider provided by companies like mtalkz, Marketing automation are commonly used AI automation tools. As a result, the marketers now understand the importance of maintaining the right data with the right audience. 

2. Content marketing trends

The proper use of words in the message is a crucial point to look for when marketing online, a customer tends to write 2-3 write-ups on different websites before going forward for a product, with constant and right messaging to the client, a product can surely stick to the client, SMS services, blogs and articles can help the business retain a client with constant connection and updates. 

3. SMS campaigns trends

A messaging campaign in just 160 characters –  effective, crisp and impactful, an SMS campaign is the latest trend capturing the eyes of today’s marketers. SMS campaigns let the business know the proper insight of the campaign run on the right target audience, with the proper stats, open rate, links clicked. Bulk SMS services are the trend benefiting all the marketers of 2022. 

Lastly, you are part of the trend now, as long as you keep your thumb on the latest marketing trends, your business will not fall behind in a world where trends are constantly in flux. Putting them first — whether by creating engaging video content on social media or sending bulk SMS, — is the way to succeed at brand marketing in 2022.

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