Tips for Boosting Connection Speed and Reducing Lags for Online Rummy

Consider yourself engaged to Play Indian Rummy games. Fortunately, your rival is stuck at their turn. You wait, but nothing happens! You discover that your screen has been hanging for some time. That must be frustrating, right? Those who have ever engaged in online gaming will relate. The non-playable material inside the game is often not as annoying as game slowness. 

Yes, your phone has to have enough hardware to handle such games. But that’s just one feature. For the most “lag-free” gaming experience, you must have a reliable, powerful, and quick internet connection. Normally, this is not the case, but don’t worry there are methods to strengthen your network.

But first, you must understand what jitters and pings are.

What Pings actually are?

A Ping gauges the response rate of your connection. Simply put, the term “Ping” refers to how soon you get a response after making a request. Milliseconds are used to measure it (ms). The ping rate will also depend on the speed of your internet connection; the minimal it is, the better. In addition to upload/download rates, Ping is crucial in real-time applications like online gaming and video streaming.

Online players may have a poor experience if these pings are just a few points over 100. Keep in mind that pings are measured in milliseconds.

How do jitters feel?

After learning what Pings are, understanding Jitter is quite simple. Jitters are the difference in the pings’ response timings. For instance, when the two computers send data packets, “Computer A” and “Computer B” can interact. The packets travel at equal intervals while the internet is consistent, but they travel at uneven intervals when the connection is unstable. Jitters refer to this change between the gaps. Lower jitter scores are indicative of a dependable and stable response rate in a connection. Similar to Ping, connection response times are more unpredictable the greater the score. This leads to a poor online gaming experience and poor phone calls and choppy video.

How can we avoid it?

Always remember that it is a learning process. The results may vary depending on variables like the distance your device is from the tower and the indoor network’s strength. However, if you have a 4G connection, and it uses LTE900 technology, you can be secure knowing that you will have speedy internet access even in areas with weak network coverage.

  • Firstly, make sure all background applications are closed. Yes, programs like Instagram and Google Maps make background internet requests. Despite the fact that this data enables these applications to provide new material each moment you access the app, it may undoubtedly cause slowness when you need high internet rates for online gaming.
  • Secondly, make sure your network is linked to a 4G LTE network before moving on to the next stage. If the 4G LTE band is available, your smartphone will choose it on its own. For the fastest network in your area, pick 4G LTE by going to Settings > Network Settings > SIM Network > tapping on Preferred Network Type. Contrasted with 3G internet speeds, the gameplay is radically different. Pings on a typical 3G connection might exceed 130, whereas 4G LTE only allows for 40–50!
  • Thirdly, clean your smartphone’s cache. Even while you may not think it will matter much, it really does in real life. While using an app or browsing the internet, several caches are stored. Cookies from apps may link to caches and get up-to-the-minute information from the internet. As soon as it has been cleansed, your internet connection is available for lag-free gaming.
  • Fourthly, get programs that show your network download speed and enable you to keep a close check on your device’s internet connection. There are a ton of programs you can use on the PlayStore to keep track of the download speed. Network speeds are often high at night, which makes it easy to play online games.
  • And lastly, removing unused applications that use your internet bandwidth can ensure that your smartphone receives the total amount of internet speed you need.

So remember these suggestions, and may you always have a fantastic gaming experience.

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