5 Things to Know About OPD Cover in a Health Insurance Plan

Whenever we fall ill, our first step is usually to visit an Out-Patient Department (OPD) to consult a doctor. Correct diagnosis, proper medication and rest could be enough for getting back on your feet quickly. However, the consultation charges and diagnostic tests could burden your budget.

For such times, it is good to have a policy that covers expenses for treatment under the OutPatient Department (OPD)while some plans have this covered in the base plan itself, others may need you to purchase this cover separately. In a nutshell, this is important coverage to have.

Things to Know About OPD Cover in Health Insurance Plan

We’re listing down 5 things you must know about OPD cover in a health insurance plan:

  • OPD – Out-Patient Department, means that patients can be treated at a clinic with a few medicines, and blood tests if required. This means hospitalisation is not necessary here. For instance, a patient suffering from fever, a stomach infection, throat infection, or minor injuries, can be treated at a doctor’s clinic, making it an important cover to consider as these basic illnesses and injuries can occur often.
  • Doctor visits, diagnostic tests, and minor surgeries are all included under the OPD cover.
  • There can be an instance where you may have to buy the OPD cover separately. In some policies, it is included with your health insurance plan, while in some, it is not.
  • You can claim it as reimbursement or as a cashless mediclaim if you visit the OPD of a network hospital. In the case of cashless treatments, the insurer directly pays the expenses to the hospital.
  • OPD cover is especially useful for senior citizens who may require regular health check-ups and for those who may be otherwise healthy but susceptible to infections or have professions that may cause minor injuries.

Mentioned above are a few points that help you understand why OPD cover is important along with your health insurance plan.

Importance of a Health Insurance Cover?

OPD in a health insurance plan is important, but how important is it to get health insurance for companies or individuals?

The pandemic of 2019-2020 has made the world realize how important yet unpredictable medical emergencies can be. And to this date, the number of health threats is on the rise. As we all know, health emergencies are unavoidable and can prove to be heavy on your pocket.

In such circumstances, a health insurance plan can give you a significant cover to opt for whether you are an entity seeking health plans for employees or an individual who is availing the plan for your family.

Deal with Changing Lifestyle

The increasing pollution levels, work stress, and unpredictable medical issues bring sudden changes in one’s lifestyle. This eventually increases the importance of medical insurance.

Protect your Loved Ones

A health insurance cover takes care of the financial security that one needs during a medical emergency. With health insurance in place, you or your loved ones will not be burdened with the expenses arising out of a medical emergency. So, it makes sense to purchase a plan that is best suited to your needs and gives you maximum benefits.

Keep pace with Rising Medical Expenses

The cost of availing of high-quality medical treatment is very high given the advancements in treatment methods. Here again, health insurance cover along with the benefit of cashless mediclaim comes into the picture to save you from heavy medical expenses. This way, you won’t have to dive into your savings to keep pace with rising prices.

Protect your Savings

Everyone likes to save for a rainy day and medical emergencies are one such time where your savings can surely help. However, if your savings are used in such cases, then you are compromising on some other needs that you may have. Why not protect your savings from being drained during a medical emergency with a comprehensive health insurance plan?

We hope that this article helped you get the information you need with regards to OPD and health insurance in general. Bajaj Finance offers a variety of health insurance products to choose from that cover your needs. Go through the plans we offer and make a wise choice. You can download the Bajaj Finserv App.

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