The Benefits of Using Document Revision Control Software

Nowadays, collaboration is the name of the game for professional software developers and even hobbyists. Everyone’s working off of one file, but nobody wants to have to work out any conflicts later on due to a typo in an hours-old document. By using document revision control software from Harrington Group International, you and your fellow collaborators can ensure that everyone has their bases covered. In an office, you can coordinate on a document, and in a casual collaboration, you can make sure everyone changes their copy to the latest version before updating the file. Here are the benefits of using revision control software for your documents.

Easy Updating of Files

Not only can you work off of one document and update it at any time, but you can also use revision control software to ensure that all your collaborators know when they have to update their copies of the document. The software will track the changes, and you can set up alerts for the other people you’re collaborating with. When the latest revision is available, anyone who needs to collaborate on the document will be notified that they need to download an update.

Accurate Tracking of Changes

When you’re using revision control software to manage your documents, you can track the changes between any few files. You can see when a file changes or you can track the changes through date stamps on the files and search through previous revisions. Regular backups of your files are important to keep, but revision control software also allows you to see what your fellow collaborators are working on and what they’ve changed.

Easy Sharing and Collaboration

With revision control software, you and your colleagues can work on the same document even if you’re working from different locations, it will automatically send out changes to the other people who have access to the document. By giving your collaborators access to a document through revision control software, you’re giving them an easy way to know that they have the latest version of the file and are able to keep up with new changes.

Database Backups and Renaming

In an office, you have to keep all your files safe. If anything should happen to the original file, you’ll want to make a backup copy of it just in case. With revision control software from HGI, this is taken care of for you automatically. The software will automatically keep track of the changes in your file, and you can even give each collaborator their own backup copy of the file. In a casual collaboration, you can rename the file on each collaborator’s computer so that there’s no confusion as to which revision is the latest.

By using document revision control software, you can keep all your documents organized and up to date. This will make collaboration much easier and less of a headache for everyone involved. The best part is, revision control software is incredibly easy to use and you can start using it for all your file-sharing endeavors. By using revision control software you will be able to track all your document revisions, view an audit trail, and easily share your files with other people.

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