Project Management Software Monday vs Asana Cost 2022

Monday is a cloud-based software that empowers thousands of teams around the world on a daily basis. The Monday project management system also integrates valuable tools for application development. Asana is a work management system through which you can plan and organize your assignments for flawless execution. Features such as reporting, automation, and boards are all helpful in achieving that goal.  

This blog will be your thorough guide to learning about project management software Monday vs Asana cost as well as the latest features you can find on each.  

Project Management Software Monday 

The Monday software has been utilized to create workflows and resolve project management by numerous teams such as: 

  • Marketing 
  • PMO 
  • Operations 
  • HR 
  • IT 

The vibrant and unique interface of Monday is designed to simplify the remote workspace. Let’s take a look at the tools that make Monday stand out: 

  1. Canvas 

Creativity requires a black canvas. When you are working with your team you require a space where creative ideas can be shared to brainstorm. Whiteboards or projectors are usually used in real-life meetings where ideas can be noted and discussed. Monday software integrated canvas that has the same functionality. 

Users can make notes together or create diagrams to part information in an organized manner. The full range of tools like arrows and shapes make diagrams easy and fun to use. The marker tool is a perfect option to get expressive with the team and draw ideas, communicate, and mark. 

  • WorkForms 

How much information is lost when you constantly have to go back and forth on email threads? This is why Monday software has introduced WorkForms that can be customized with a no-code form builder. The feature lets you request assignments with specific details to reduce miscommunication and mistakes. 

Furthermore, you can embed the forms to your website or even share them with stakeholders so that you can utilize the function however it suits you best. If you are gathering responses, you can further use them to generate insights and reports. Based on the responses, you can also make any required changes too.  

Requests can be automated so that the right people are notified of the due date. You can ensure that teams are notified of the final approval as well. 

  • Dashboards 

The Monday project management platform integrates dashboards where you can take a look at the information with a bird’s eye view. The dashboard can be your quick access to view progress, budgets, and timelines.  

Monday Cost 

The Monday cost features five plans that accommodate teams of all sizes. To begin, there is a free pricing option suitable for individuals as well as small teams. The basic plan is priced at $8, the Standard costs $10, and the Premium charges $16. The last and final option is Enterprise and you can request pricing information by getting in touch with the sales team.  

Project Management Software Asana 

The reason that so many Asana reviews applaud the performance of the software is rooted in the fact that it has provided practical solutions for online workspaces. Asana cost has resolved work management concerns of different types of teams: 

  • Leadership 
  • Marketing 
  • Campaign  
  • Operations 
  • Product 

Let us see what draws users to Asana: 

1. Workflow Builder 

The visual workflow builder is a great solution for simplified team management. With the workflow builder, you can: 

  • Plan  
  • Process 
  • Improvise 

This function helps you collect forms that have important details and feedback in a systemized way. Moreover, it gives you the ability to automate tasks and reduce the frustration of repetitive manual tasks as well. Integrations such as Slack and Google Drive also play an important role in creating a brilliant flow of work. 

2. Automation 

The Asana software automation can be used in many different ways. You can customize the rules to fulfill the requirements of your business as well. It is important that the entire team is on the same page and follows the rules to achieve the goals set by the company. 

If you want to reduce any risks and ensure that the process is error-free, you can also opt for templates to access ready-made automation systems.  

The templates accommodate different processes like creative requests, work requests, marketing project plans, and several others.  

3. Reporting  

It is crucial to stay in touch with the progress and the impact of the plan you have devised. Therefore, Asana software lets you access neat and accurate reports through your dashboard. The reports can be organized as graphs or charts. Furthermore, when you click on a specific data point, you can also access the underlying projects and tasks for a detailed view.  

This feature can be helpful in putting proactive systems in place. You can troubleshoot possible bugs and resolve them before they turn into concerning issues. Similarly, you can check data from different projects to discern if everything is moving according to the plan or if changes are required.  

Asana Cost 

When it comes to pricing, the Asana cost is divided into four plans to match the productivity needs of teams of all sizes. For example, the basic plan is completely free of cost so that individuals, as well as small teams, can enhance their productivity levels. The premium plan supports teams that are starting to grow and demand better management options. It costs $10. Meanwhile, the business pricing plan costs $24, and it is ideal for stable teams and businesses. Finally, the enterprise option has more security and control features. The subscription cost is not provided by the website but is available upon request.  

Final Word  

To conclude, the project management software Monday vs Asana costs are affordable as each provides beneficial features to streamline the workload of online teams. Moreover, Monday reviews suggest that it is a versatile tool that can also be used as a CRM manager as well as an application developer. Meanwhile, the Asana software has detailed features to ensure that tasks are being completed smoothly.  

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