iOS 16 vs iOS 15: What’s Same And What’s Different?

Apple has issued a new iPhone-focused update every year since the iPhone’s inception to help improve the experience on offer, and iOS 16 in 2022 is no exception. The new iOS 16 features include a customizable lock screen with live widgets, a reworked notification system, new Messages tweaks, and more. It will be available later this year, albeit not all iPhone owners will be able to update. Here’s a short comparison between iOS 16 with iOS 15.

iOS 16 vs iOS 15: Lock screen

While iOS 15 does a good job of upgrading the system’s appearance and feel, the first screen you see is still a touch basic. That is no longer the case, thanks to the redesigned Lock Screen in iOS 16.

With this capability, you may change how the information appears on the screen. Photos may be placed in front of items such as the clock and date, giving it a more 3D appearance than before and probably better than anything else on Android right now. You may also customise the photos and text by selecting from a number of fonts and colour schemes.

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In addition to the normal time and date seen on iOS 15, the new version will allow you to install widgets such as a calendar to track future meetings, an Activity to see how close you are to closing your rings, and weather applications to avoid being caught in the rain. These are built on Apple Watch widgets and, based on what we’ve seen thus far, they seem to be rather fantastic.

You may now build several Lock Screens that can be rapidly switched between using the Focus feature introduced in iOS 15.

You may also utilise live-updating widgets to keep track of incoming deliveries, game scores, and other important information. Furthermore, when listening to music, the whole album artwork is now shown on the Lock Screen above the playing controls.

iOS 15 vs iOS 16: Messages

Some of the most important new features in iOS 16 are found in the Messages app. To begin, you’ll be able to change previously sent messages, allowing you to quickly remedy an embarrassing error before the receiver gets the wrong idea. What if you weren’t intended to deliver the message at all? You can now delete it before the contents are seen by the recipient. Finally, you may flag an unread email thread to remind yourself to return to it later.

In iOS 15, the Shared with You feature appeared, which monitors your communications and automatically inserts any content received from friends–music, movies, interesting articles, and so on–in the relevant app. So, if a buddy shared a track from a new album with you, it would appear in the Shared with You section when you next accessed Apple Music.

In iOS 16, Apple has taken this a step further by reintroducing the SharePlay function, which was initially introduced in iOS 15 and allows you and a buddy to view material at the same time, and making it available directly in Messages. This means you won’t have to move between apps to watch a movie or listen to a music with a friend. You’ll also be able to converse while the video is playing, all from the same app.

iOS 15 vs iOS 16: Mail

iOS 15 has a number of privacy features that may conceal your location, internet activities, or even if you’ve seen a message from a sender. These were valuable features, but they were insufficient to compensate for the app’s lack of controls and capabilities. This is addressed in iOS 16 with several new enhancements that should help it catch up to the competition.

Scheduled emails are now available in Mail, allowing you to send an important message at a predetermined time. If you opt to cancel the message, you will be alerted just before it is sent. You can now arrange an email to return to the top of your inbox after a specific period of time, which should help you recall it if it arrives during a busy period.

Mail will also examine your messages to check if you’ve left anything important out, such as an attachment, and will inform you before sending the message. Not to mention that it will use its intelligence to notify you of any critical emails that have yet to receive a response, allowing you to follow up.

iOS 15 vs iOS 16: Notifications

iOS 15 began the long process of simplifying the iPhone’s notoriously complex notification system, introducing the ability to mute conversations, have notifications delivered at specific times, the inclusion of Contact photos to instantly identify who is messaging you, and the Notification Summary feature, which bundles related alerts and delivers them in the morning, evening, or at a time you specify.

This hasn’t changed significantly in iOS 16. The option to link the Lock Screen to your Focus settings has already been mentioned, but the new update will shift the alerts up from the bottom of the screen, ensuring that the gorgeous image you’ve meticulously picked isn’t always buried by notification boxes.

iOS 16 vs iOS 15: Live Text & Visual Look Up

One of the most notable advancements in iOS 15 was probably Live Text. This is a function that allows you to aim your camera at text in a foreign language (such as a menu or a sign) and have your iPhone translate it for you. It can also extract text from photographs and add it to Notes or dial phone numbers that appear in the image.

iOS 16 now has video support. Simply pause the recording on the relevant text and the programme will extract it, translating or copying the information to the clipboard.

Visual Look Up is a new iOS 15 feature that works in combination with Live Text to assist identify objects such as landmarks, art, flowers, and dog breeds by pointing the iPhone camera at them.

More subjects, including as birds, insects, and sculptures, have been added to iOS 16, as well as a new capability that lets you to press and hold on a subject to remove it from the image. It works similarly to a Photoshop effect in that you may share the cut-out in conversations, social media postings, and other places. We’re not sure what the point is, but it may be fun.

iOS 15 vs iOS 16: Photos

It includes, among other things, the ability to password-protect an album, duplicate picture identification, and turn off highlighted content in iOS 16.

A new iCloud Photo feature, iCloud Photo Library, is also available. This allows you to share a library with your family, where you may capture a photo using the Camera app and it will save to this folder automatically. Others may edit a photo, and the changes will be reflected in everyone’s shared album.

iOS 16 is a minor upgrade over iOS 15, but it has a number of minor improvements that will make a significant difference, especially because these are also available in macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16.

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