ICICI Full Form – Know all about ICICI Bank

Think of the most reputable private banks in India, and ICICI will be one of the first to pop up in your mind. With over 5,000+ operating branches and 15,000+ ATMs across the country, ICICI has established itself in 17 countries across the globe. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this bank began its journey in 1995 as an initiative of the World Bank. Learn about the ICICI full form, its recruitment procedures, the best credit cards, and more. 

ICICI Full Form

The ICICI full form is Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. ICICI company came into existence in 1955 and joined the financial sector as ICICI Bank in 1994. In 1998, it introduced internet banking services for the first time in India. 

With an objective to assist businesses by promoting external and internal capital sources, the bank plays an important role in the expansion of the Indian capital market. It also lends considerable support to the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. 

Services Offered by ICICI 

The ICICI bank brings you several beneficial services, including: 

  • Deposit Account: Savings and Current account
  • Debit and Credit cards
  • Insurance: Life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance
  • Loans: Personal loans, education loans, home loans, vehicle loans, gold loans
  • Fixed and Recurring deposits
  • Lockers
  • Internet banking and mobile banking services
  • Internet services such as ICICI EMI calculator 

What Loans Does ICICI Offer?

ICICI can be your partner when you plan to build your dream house or purchase your favourite car or go on a long-pending vacation. Its versatile range of loans includes the following options:  

  • Home loan: For building your dream home
  • Loan Against Property: For your business or personal needs, you can mortgage both residential and commercial properties and get comfortable EMIs for up to 15 years of tenure.
  • Car Loan: For purchasing a car with a simple application process 
  • Personal Loan: It can be for a dream holiday, destination wedding, home renovation, or any personal need.
  • Education Loan: For financing your education in the country and abroad
  • Gold Loan: Borrow a sum against gold/gold ornaments from ICICI Bank to meet your emergency financial needs.  
  • Loans Against Securities: Pledge securities in favour of ICICI Bank to get the needed amount. 
  • Commercial Business Loan: Keep your business afloat with ICICI commercial vehicle loans, working capital solutions, construction equipment loans, and customised current accounts. 
  • Healthcare Equipment Loans: Convenient loans to hospitals, doctors, institutes, and nursing homes for the purchase of medical equipment.

You can use the ICICI EMI calculator to estimate the EMI and the entire repayment structure for different tenure and interest rates. This online service is available 24 x 7 for free. 

Best Credit Cards Offered by ICICI

ICICI provides some amazing credit card options to its customers. While some have an annual fee attached, others don’t. Some of the best ICICI credit cards are as follows: 

CardAnnual FeeMinimum Income Requirement
ICICI Bank Rubyx credit card₹2000₹6 lakh per annum
ICICI Bank Coral Contactless card₹500₹20,000 per month
ICICI Platinum Chip credit card – VISANil₹15,000 per month
ICICI Bank HPCL credit card₹199₹30,000 per month
ICICI Bank Emeralde Credit Card₹12,000₹3 lakh per month

Recruitment at ICICI

Every year the ICICI bank conducts an annual recruitment programme for Sales Officers and Probationary Officers.

Some important details related to the recruitment of ICICI Probationary Officers are as follows:

  • Qualification requirements: Graduate in any discipline with a minimum of 55% 
  • Age Limit: 25 years old
  • Selection Process: Aptitude test, Psychometric questionnaire, Group Discussion, Interview

After the completion of the above-mentioned tests, ICICI publishes a merit list. The selected candidates are required to complete a PGDB (Post Graduate Diploma in Banking) one-year degree from IMA, Bangalore. On successful completion of the degree, the salary package of the candidate will be INR 4 Lakhs per annum. 

The important details related to the recruitment of ICICI Sales Officer are as follows:

  • Qualification requirements: Graduate in any discipline with a minimum of 55% 
  • Experience needed: 0-4 years 
  • Age Limit: 27 years old
  • Selection Process: CV, English writing test, Sales profiler, interview
  • Average salary: INR 4 Lakhs per annum

Avail of the best ICICI services. Benefit from high-rated credit cards, loan options, and online services such as the ICICI EMI calculator for hassle-free estimations and complete understanding.

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