How to make money with a travel website

It’s most likely that every follower of taking a trip has believed in producing a traveling blog site. Pick a website developer like Box mode traveling internet site contractor or WordPress, Squarespace or Duda, and begin your blog site!

Traveling site or social networks?

Before developing and also publishing your material, you should have a response to the essential inquiry: where? The 2 major choices to choose from will certainly be making your own traveling site or publishing web content on social media.

Really feeling question the globe and discovering it was a prominent leisure activity for billions of individuals not as long back. Life is uncertain, and also truth makes its modifications. All of us miss out traveling on picking a location without doing a unique study regarding whether we can go there as well as nervously ascertaining prior to the trip to see if any kind of laws has actually transformed because of reservation.

Travel WebsiteSocial Media
Your website — your rules. Everything can be changed, starting with the color theme, text block location, page count, and so on.Everything you need is already in place so that you can concentrate on creating content. You don’t need to worry about the entire system. Just focus on your page.
Interlinking allows you to connect pages on your website and direct your readers to the route you want them to take.If you create well-received content, you can gain more followers on the selected social media platform.
You decide where and how the ad is placed, as well as what ads to place.Collaborating with other bloggers on the same platform can make you a part the community.


Running a blog that is based on social media resources is like cooking in your grandmother’s kitchen. You have all the tools, and the area is 100% familiar. And you always have an expert to guide you. You are limited by the rules and restrictions of the media that you use, so you can’t be as creative or free as you like.

will take more effort to start a travel blog. I will give you a lot of creative freedom. Is important to decide on your niche and target audience.

How to choose the right niche for your travel website. There are many niches that you can choose from. You will be able to write about any aspect of travel whenever you want. Your blog will grow in popularity over time and your readers will have expectations. When you change your blog’s niche, be prepared to lose some followers.

You will find similar-minded people no matter which niche you choose for your travel site. Below is a list of topics that are close to your chosen topic.

  • Luxury/low-cost vacation;
  • Backpacking/hiking;
  • Unexplored areas of your country
  • Travelling with pets/children/grandparents etc.

A niche that is clearly defined will allow you to focus on your content and create a plan. It won’t let your ideas and thoughts drift. This will allow you to attract a loyal audience who will read every word of your posts and wait patiently for them. Your blog will be a comprehensive guide that covers the topic you have chosen. This is what most people want.

How do you create your travel website for blogging

It is best to hire a professional to create a travel website. However, you shouldn’t spend your money on anything other than traveling. We live in the digital age, where information is just a click away. Follow the guide below to create your website.

Select a name

This step should be taken as seriously as your child’s name. This is the first thing that your blog visitors will see about you. We all know that there is no second chance to make a first impression. It is better to be skeptical and have second thoughts than regret it later.

Try to be as lucid as possible. Names should be easy to remember and not evoke any inappropriate or irrelevant emotions. Another tip: Avoid overused words such as “nomad,” traveler,” adventurer, etc. Be unique!


Most likely, your blog’s name will be the address of your travel blog on the Internet. Make sure that it is still available. When choosing web hosting for your website you need to first decide whether you want it to be a travel website or a paid one. We recommend paying for hosting if you want your resource to last. This will reduce stress and ensure that your content is protected in the future.

There are many options available, so it won’t be difficult to find the right one for you. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Hostinger;
  • Hostgator;
  • Bluehost.

Website builder

This is where creativity and design skills can be used. But, you might also encounter some difficulties. It is important to choose the right product for you. It should offer a variety of options, be easy-to-use, and have a friendly design. This is your guide that will make creating your blog easy and enjoyable.

Content creation

Before you start filling your website full of photos and articles, make sure that you have a plan for the content. Text and photos can’t be placed chaotically. You should check the connections between articles and interlink pages to link them together. Don’t forget about the main topic for your entire resource.

Guest posts

You might be able to get texts from companies published on your blog for a small fee. What is the point? These articles will contain a link to the client’s website. This will allow them to promote their resource and will also pay you for placing a text. These conditions can be set, but you must always verify that the articles are unique. Otherwise, search engines may penalize your entire website.

How to make a profit with your travel website

A blog can be both fun and profitable. How do you start a website about travel and make money? It’s actually easier than you might think.

Affiliate Marketing

Your first step to monetizing your blog may be reviewing and promoting products you have used while on vacation. You won’t see manufacturers this way the day after you launch your website. This is certainly worth the effort! You may also be able to affiliate with any company you know. This could be clothing for hiking brands, tourist agencies, coffee shops, or even your favorite chocolate. Be creative and never lose heart!


An online website is a great place to advertise. You can also decide where banners should be placed, how big they should be, and how many. Combine the content of your blog with any wares that you might promote. You can try different advertising types

  • of display ads, such as banners and pop-ups (be aware that some users might have ad blocking software, so this type is not always effective).
  • Native advertising
  • Video and audio content (you might start a podcast or add some videos from your trip mentioning your partners).

It may take time to find trustworthy partners who are willing to place an ad on your site. Keep your faith and continue to grow your blog.

What’s next?

Your main goal for your blog should be to have fun. Share your passion for what you do and the moments that you cherish. This is the best way to get online popularity.

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