How to Know If Someone Blocked You on FaceTime: 3 Solutions

If someone blocked you on FaceTime, you would not be able to make a call, text, or FaceTime that contact. However, you can still leave voice messages, but they will not appear in the voice mailbox. Blocking someone on FaceTime or iPhone doesn’t prevent that person from contacting another party. 

You can send chat messages using third-party apps like WhatsApp. In this article, we will discuss how to know if someone blocked you on FaceTime and what alternate ways allow you to contact that person. 

What Happens After Someone Blocks You?

When you send a text message to a contact who has already blocked you, what happens to the text message? What when you call a friend who has blocked you recently? 

Message That Delivers Nowhere

Your text message will go nowhere. You can see your messages delivered normally; however, the text you send will not display the Delivered status. No notification will appear to inform you that you have been blocked. 

Your contact will not receive any text on the other end and hence, will not respond. This often leaves the users wondering what happened, and they keep thinking this before they realize that they’ve been blocked. 

FaceTime That Keeps Ringing

Are you trying to FaceTime your friend, and the bell keeps ringing? You might be wondering is FaceTime not working or is it due to slow WiFi. The phone keeps ringing, and ringing, and ringing. Hang on; no one will answer your call as your number is blocked. 

At your end, things seem to be fine, and you won’t get any notification about the other person blocking your contact. The person who has blocked you will not even know that you’re calling. This will continue to happen till the moment you realize that you’ve been blocked. 

Phone Calls That Go to VoiceMail

Are you trying to contact your friend on a mobile number, and your call is diverted to VoiceMail? Maybe, the person you are trying to call is busy, in a meeting, or driving a car. You might be planning to call back after an hour or so. 

And when you try to contact the same number after an hour or two, the same thing keeps repeating. You might wonder what to call the following day again, but no luck, your call ends up right at VoiceMail, and you keep thinking that the phone is switched off. 

How to Know You’ve Been Blocked?

So, when someone blocks you on FaceTime, you will not receive any notification. You will be able to call, FaceTime, or text the person, but your contact will not get anything on the other end. Here’s a quick summary of how to know if someone blocked you on FaceTime:

  • Text messages you send will not show the delivered status. 
  • FaceTime calls you make will keep ringing with no answer. 
  • Phone calls you make will go straight to VoiceMail. 

How To Contact A Person Who Has Blocked You?

Most people block their contacts intentionally, while sometimes, it happens accidentally. It is natural to accidentally block someone on FaceTime after purchasing a new iPhone and exploring the app and its features. This can happen to you too. 

If it’s a close friend, it takes no time to understand that the person has blocked you accidentally. Now, what if you want to share an urgent message? Don’t worry; here, we enumerate a few alternate methods that you can use to contact your friend who has blocked you on FaceTime. 

  • Use an Alternate Number 

After someone blocks you on your iPhone, you have the option to call or text using an alternate number. If the person answers your call, don’t forget to inform them that they have blocked your number. If the person still doesn’t unblock you, move on; it’s intentional and not accidental. 

  • Check on Messenger

If you still want to check that the person has blocked you intentionally, navigate to Messenger. Try sending a message, and if it displays a red dot, it’s your confirmation that your contact number has been blocked. In addition, you won’t be able to see the profile picture of the contacts after they block you.

The Conclusion 

When your friend or an important contact is not answering your FaceTime call or responding to your messages, it’s not always that they’ve blocked you. Make sure to check your internet connection before you reach any conclusion. The possibilities are that the internet on the other side is not working, and your contact might not receive a call or message. 

Always take time to figure things out when someone blocks you on the phone. If you continue to see the same status after sending messages or the same response after calling the person multiple times, it’s time to know that you’ve been blocked intentionally. It’s up to you if you want to try alternative ways to get in touch with the person or if you want to simply move on.

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