How Does A 15KW Wind Turbine Works

A wind turbine is a modular source to generate electricity. Now, we can produce electricity for our home, business, and for other purposes by installing a wind turbine. It is cost-effective and can generate electricity according to its size and capacity.

If you also want electricity for any purpose, you must have a 15KW wind turbine to fulfill your need. This is the best choice to have enough electricity to run your business or household appliances. 

How does it work

The wind is a type of solar energy and is produced due to three concurrent events:

  • Irregularities in earth’s surface heating
  • Heating atmosphere by the sun
  • The rotation of the earth

The kinetic energy in the wind is converted into mechanical power by the wind turbine. This mechanical power allows the generator to run and produce electricity. The blades of the wind turbine are designed aerodynamically so that they can grab maximum energy from the wind. The wind turns its blades that spin the shaft or rotor connected to the generator. When the generator runs, electricity is produced. 

Types of wind turbine

There are basically two major types of wind turbines:

  • Vertical-axis turbine
  • Horizontal-axis turbine

Application of wind turbine

Now, there are versatile wind turbines. They are categorized in the sense that where you want to install them and how they will be connected to the grid. So, the application of wind turbines can be done in three ways such as:

  • Land-based wind turbine

This wind turbine ranges from 100 KW to several megawatts. The more it will be large, the more it will be cost-effective. The land-based wind turbine is installed in groups that produce electricity at a large scale.

  • Offshore wind turbine

Offshore wind turbines are tall in size. The transportation of their large components is not a challenging task like land-based installations. They are transported through ships rather than on vehicles. Offshore wind turbines catch strong ocean winds and produce large amounts of energy. 

  • Distributed wind turbine

This turbine is installed for the electric meter. It can also be installed on the site where you can use its energy for different purposes. The distributed turbine is smaller in size than the other two. They are normally below 100 kilowatts.

You can use the distributed wind turbine for agriculture, residential, small industrial, or commercial applications. You can also use this small turbine in hybrid energy systems along with other energy resources like microgrids powered by photovoltaics and diesel generator batteries. This system is known as the hybrid wind system normally used in remote and off-grid locations.

So, in the end, we can say that the 15KW wind turbine is an outstanding technology that has made us able to produce more electricity for any purpose. We have wind turbines of all sizes with different capacities. Now, it is easy to have as much electricity as you want. To see all wind turbines, visit our online store by clicking on the link. You will be stunned after seeing such amazing products that are able to work efficiently. 

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