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If you are looking for an employment law firm in Canada, you have probably heard about Israel Foulon LLP. The firm is comprise of partners Peter Israel, Chris Foulon, Carita Wong and Rich Appiah. The firm has gained recognition for its collaborative approach and impressive results for Employment lawyers. Its founder, Peter Israel, is well known for his success in helping clients achieve their desire results. Read on to learn more about his experience and how you can find the right lawyer to help you get the best results.

Focus on client

Israel Foulon, LLP is one of the leading employment law boutiques in Canada. The firm’s partners Peter Israel, Chris Foulon, Carita Wong, and Rich Appiah share over 60 years of experience in the field. So, Their collaborative style and focus on client satisfaction make them an ideal choice for those in need of legal representation. The firm is also renown for its pro-active approach to the representation of clients.

With over 35 years of experience, Peter Foulon, LLP has represented both employers and employees before administrative tribunals. The firm has also advised in-house counsel, executives, and other Chief Legal Officer entities regarding employment-related issues. Its employment lawyers service in Canada is focus on finding practical resolutions to legal disputes. For example, Peter Foulon, LLP has a broad knowledge of Canada’s legal system, which enables it to effectively defend employers and employees alike.

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Practical workplace

Samfiru Tumarkin LLP is one of Canada’s fastest growing labour law firms, offering years of experience and proven results for thousands of clients. In addition to providing legal services, Samfiru Tumarkin LLP is committ to public education and practical workplace solutions, such as the Severance Pay Calculator, which is popular amongst Canadians. So, The firm’s success is reflect in the expansion of its practice beyond Toronto, with offices in Ottawa and Vancouver.

One of the fastest growing employment law firms in Canada, Lior Samfiru is a co-founder of the firm. His legal expertise is based on labour relations, public education, and employee rights. Lior Samfiru’s extensive experience has resulted in numerous successful cases and countless articles on employment and labour law. Lior Samfiru has been recognize as one of Canada’s leading labour lawyers.

Employment lawyers

Financial services

Torys is an international law firm specializing in the financial services, oil and gas, power, real estate, and technology industries. Their offices are located in Toronto, Ontario, which makes them a good choice for clients in these sectors. Their attorneys have significant experience handling disputes, arbitrations, and investigations, and are skill at helping clients protect their interests and reputation. To contact a lawyer, fill out our brief online form.

Located in Toronto, Torys has deep experience in labour law. Its team of 120+ lawyers advises clients on a variety of issues related to employment, labour relations, and other areas of law. In addition, the firm offers training and consultation services on a range of employment and labour law issues. So, Torys can also assist with litigation arising out of employment issues, such as wrongful dismissal and discrimination claims.

Employment matter

Whether you need legal advice on a standalone employment matter or require support on a large-scale project, Bennett Jones is the firm to call upon. With offices in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, the firm is well-position to advise you. Clients include Canada Utilities, Telus, and Riverstone Holdings. John Gilmore, for example, advises clients on employment contracts. So, Meanwhile, Carl Cunningham often acts on behalf of federally and provincially-regulated employers. In addition, pensions and benefits expert Susan Seller is a regular presence in employment matters. Christine Plante will be joining Bennett Jones in September 2020 from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.

John Gilmore, co-head of the firm’s Employment Services Practice Group, concentrates on employment law issues, including wrongful dismissal and retrenchment. John also provides subject matter expertise on corporate transactions. So, He has extensive experience as a corporate lawyer and previously worked at a multinational law firm. Additionally, he also has extensive experience representing clients before labour relations boards, CIRBs, and federal courts.

Employment lawyers

Range of employment

The law firm Osler, Hoskin & HAR LLP provides a full range of employment law services across Canada. The firm’s employment lawyers have a reputation for providing solid legal advice and strong representation in workplace disputes. So,They understand the connections between employment law and other areas of the firm’s practice, including privacy, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and the Canadian economy. By engaging the firm, clients are guarantee a comprehensive legal service.

The law firm is rank among the top employment law firms in Canada. Their lawyers specialize in various sectors, and they have experience working with multinational corporations, start-ups, and small companies. The law firm’s bilingual team includes lawyers, HR professionals, and other experts who help clients across virtually every industry sector.

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