Delhi fridge murder case: Police say Sahil and Nikki were married. The accused’s father and four others have been arrested.

New Delhi, India – The murder case of Nikki Yadav has taken a dramatic turn as the Delhi Police Crime Branch arrested five more people in connection with the case. Sahil Gehlot, who was earlier arrested for allegedly killing Nikki Yadav, had stuffed her body in a fridge at his family-owned dhaba. The arrested individuals include Sahil’s father, Virender, his cousins Ashish and Naveen, and his close friends Lokesh and Amar.

According to the police, the accused and the deceased were not only live-in partners but were married at a temple three years ago. Sahil had planned to marry another woman on February 10, and when Nikki found out about the wedding, she pleaded with him not to go ahead. Sahil allegedly strangled Nikki to death in the early hours of February 10 following an argument over the issue.

nikki sahil wedding

After driving around with the body for several hours, Sahil took Nikki’s body to his village Mitraon, where he stuffed it inside a fridge. Sahil’s father allegedly knew of the crime but got his son to marry someone else hours after killing Nikki. Sahil’s cousins and friends helped him hide the body in the fridge, according to the police.

Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav said, “During interrogation, we found that Nikki and Sahil got married in 2020. She was his wife. We have the certificate as well. When she found out about the other wedding, she pleaded with him not to go ahead. We suspect the accused then hatched the conspiracy to remove/eliminate the deceased. After the murder, he informed his associates on the same day. They went ahead with the marriage functions.”

The five accused, including Sahil’s father, have been booked for criminal conspiracy and hiding/destroying evidence in the case as they knew of the murder and were allegedly planning to dump the body somewhere else.

An investigating officer said, “While we were interrogating Sahil, we found out that he had told his father, cousins and friends about the incident. Before getting married, he came clean to his father about the murder. His father, however, asked him to go ahead with the marriage, which he did. The friends helped him hide the body in the fridge.”

The police have expressed shock and outrage at the heinous nature of the crime and have assured the public that they will leave no stone unturned in their investigation. The case has once again underscored the importance of creating a safe environment for women in the country and the need for strong measures to curb violence against women.

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