Check Out the Top 5 benefits of using a Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A personal loan calculator is a free resource that you can use to calculate the amount of interest to be paid for a particular kind of loan. It helps you to evaluate how much loan you can afford to take depending on how much of an amount you can set aside every month for clearing your repayments. In other words, using it can help you calculate the interest rate you need to pay for a certain principal loan amount for various repayment tenures so that you can decide on a best personal loan for yourself. 

The values you need to provide to the personal loan calculator include your desired principal loan amount, the interest rate applicable, and the loan tenure you prefer. You also have the option of putting in different interest rates between the given limit range to determine the EMI amount payable for each interest rate.

What are the benefits of the Personal Loan EMI calculator?

Convenient to use: A major benefit of a personal loan calculator is that it can be used conveniently without any hassle. It has a user-friendly interface that guides you at every step of the process. If your loan lender values your comfort as a customer, he will make extra effort to ensure that you understand how to use the PL EMI calculator. All you need to do is visit the website of the lender or the financial institution you took the loan from and enter the principal amount you want to borrow, your preferred interest rate, and the repayment tenure you are comfortable with. You can easily determine the best personal loan for you.

It saves time: Another core benefit of a personal loan calculator is that it helps you save time by providing you with accurate information instantly. As it is available online, you do not need to put in the effort to physically go to the bank and wait in long queues to get the data you require. Also, it eliminates the hassle of consulting an agent to calculate your loan details or submitting a plethora of documents. 

You can use it from anywhere: As the PL EMI calculator is an online resource, you can use it from anywhere, whether on a vacation or a work break. A secure internet connection is all you require.

The results are accurate: If you sit to calculate the details related to your personal loan manually, there is always a chance of error. On the other hand, an online PL EMI calculator eliminates the risk of miscalculation that is seen with using paper and pen. 

You can easily compare different personal loan plans: Making use of a personal loan calculator enables you to compare the interest rates payable on different principal loan amounts without affecting your CIBIL score. Additionally, you do not have to pay an agent for professional help regarding the information needed for securing the best personal loan.

It makes loan planning simpler: PL EMI calculators help you simplify all data related to your personal loan, including how much interest rate will apply to a certain loan amount and what your desired tenure is. You also get an idea about how you plan to repay your loan over a certain tenure. Repaying a portion of your loan monthly without planning can be quite challenging.


Recently, the popularity of personal loans has increased drastically due to their many benefits. In such a scenario, a personal loan calculator is useful for many borrowers. Before taking any substantial financial decision like applying for a loan, you must calculate all aspects of it and reach a conclusion after assessing all the information.

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