6 Landing Page Design Tips That Improve UX And Conversions

Your landing page is going to be really important to the success of your PPC advertising campaign and really any campaign where you’re trying to drive new leads new sales and new customers.

Here are 6 landing page design tips to improve your conversion rates

 These are going to be some simple design tips you can follow

#1 Create A Catchy Headline

The first one is very simple and that is to focus on the headline and the subheading! That is only what people are going to see first when they do go to your landing page so you want to make sure the headline captures their attention and you want to make sure you can promote your offer really easily and quickly to people.

Now, a major bonus here is if you can get your headline to actually match the search term that people are typing in.

 If someone types in a specific search term, they click on your advertisement creating that seamless experience from the search to the advertisement to the landing page and specifically to that headline to map the actual keyword that people are searching.

 It’s very hard to do because it takes a lot of time to create that many landing pages but if you can do it for some of your top keywords it’s going to help you drive more conversions at a lower cost.

#2 Create A Powerful CTA

You want to make sure that the action you want visitors to take is very clear and your call to action on the page stands out.

Designers should do A/B testing & experiment with crucial elements like CTA button color, copy surrounding the CTA (and on the button itself), and CTA location on the page.

 Other elements of the landing page can also be A/B tested for improved overall results.

 #3 Sell Through Reviews

Regardless of what it is you’re selling if it’s a product or if it’s a service, you want to make sure that you’re showing some of these positive reviews and testimonials.

 People visit your page and they see that you have other happy customers you have other people using your software or your tool and provide proof using customer reviews.

#4 Use High-Quality Images And Videos On Your Landing Page

  You want to use these to describe your products and services so if it’s a product page and you can use videos to show the different angles of your product or people using your product.

 For example; Think about basketball sneakers you can show the front the back the side of the shoe people can get a full 360-degree view of the basketball shoe.

 And you can also show basketball players wearing those shoes as they are on the court dribbling a basketball and maybe dunking or something along those lines.

  Using images and videos can quickly provide information and it’s just another great way to sell your products and services to potential customers.

 #5 Responsive Design That’s Built To Convert

  Make sure that your desktop and mobile designs are responsive so that it looks exactly the same no matter the device that people are using when they do access your landing page.

 If someone’s on a mobile device looking up social media scheduling software, they might end up converting on their desktop device later but you want to make sure that a device does not ruin your conversion rate.

Check if you have a really low conversion rate for your mobile design then you probably want to create a new design that looks as good as possible on mobile because you don’t want a device to drag down your conversion rate and increase your (CPC) cost per conversion.

 Essentially, what you want to do is open your landing page on a desktop device & open it on a mobile device. Make sure that no matter what device you’re using no matter what browser you’re using, people can easily see the benefits of your products and services.

 And easily sign up for or purchase from you directly so that both your designs are exactly the same. because you don’t want one device to drag down your conversion rate.

It’s only going to hurt your overall costs over time and it’s just going to end up hurting your business. Make sure your designs are completely responsive and do a full review on every single device that you have and use different browsers as well because sometimes your landing page might look different in Google Chrome than it does on Safari.

#6 Review Competitors Landing Pages

Now last but not least make sure you review competitor landing pages. This is a great design tip because you might have your landing page complete and you might be out of ideas and you can learn a lot from looking at other landing page designs.

By developing pages that convert better than the competition, web designers who follow landing page best practices may add more value to the brands they serve.

What I would want on my final design is a headline at the top so some type of benefit some type of selling point and then the subheading exactly what people are going to get.

 I have my call to action set & you don’t have to do the email if I do start your free trial you can do something where it puts a form up in front of people’s faces and then you can have them fill out that form but I would want to have some videos some images showing how it works some of the benefits that people can take advantage of.


 So, to sum things up these are the Top 6 different landing page design tips that you can use for your PPC campaign. You just want to have the main call-to-action, list the benefits, show images and use video to enhance the UX.

 To make sure you can sell your products and services and don’t be afraid to look at some of your competitors’ landing pages.

 Because if your competitors are consistently running ads to their website and you always see them as competitors for your Google Ads or your Facebook ads or whatever type of advertisements you’re running they’re probably seeing conversions because if they continue to spend their budget then they’re probably driving revenue with that budget.

 Look at their landing pages and look at some of the different offers that they have some of their different ways of selling their products and services and use those for your own inspiration. 

Anyone, whether a marketer or a business owner, would like to increase conversions for their company. With the correct landing page design, you can accomplish this while increasing your ROI and business success!

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